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Archive for the 'kingdom of heaven' Category

Oaths, forgiveness, and the New Age movement.

E. 8 Is going LIVE Talking About "Right Judgements" Stillness and being deliberate in thought and actions for interdimensional conscious awareness.   

Spiritual Realities is talking about the deceased, the thugs and the homeless, Jesus/Michael/Lucifer and past lives.

Karmic Secrets and Curtis Childs from Swedenborg & Life @OffTheLeftEye YouTube Channel.  We're talking about the life of angels, different kinds of spirits and how people are o...

This week Robert discusses his insight into other dimensions, and explains how to experience it yourself.  Also "Meta-Driving"- what are the psycho-spiritual road rules for ex...

We're talking about Unity Consciousness, non-dualism, the epic Gnostic poem "Thunder, Perfect Mind" & The Gospel According to Thomas.

A Course In Miracles, The Impersonal Life, Steiner and Swedenborg

Ho'oponopono, Freemasonry, Qabalah, Emmanual Swedenborg segment didn't happen. Elitom EL-amin  

The nature of materialism, a Zen moment and Dale Brunsvold.  Dale is the reader of over 200 Rudolf Steiner audiobooks located at and RudolfSteiner.podbe...

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