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Robert Wallace is back talking about Meditation and Karma, the potential for true meditation and meaning of karma.

Today Robert is talking about the mistakes he made when he first began doing the steps to bring him into another dimension.  The things that went right and the things that went wro...

E.20| Staying on Purpose

What is your purpose?  Is it the attainment of higher realms and worlds?  Interdimensional missions need to be prioritized accordingly.

Talking about bearing each other's burdens- The psychic help of willingness. Donate to our Patreon to assist the program! B...

E.18| Materialism

Spiritual Realities is looking at the spiritual dangers of the materialistic perspective and how to defeat it one dirty lie at a time.

Talking about casting the vision (without a vision the people perish) in the form of VisionBoards and the Christ.

We're reviewing paradigm shifting verses of the Bhagavad Gita and a method for interdimensional meditation.

E.15| Shut Up and Be Kind

Talking about silencing the noise of the body and mind, kindness, giving, forgiveness, bearing your cross and those of others joyfully, and the fruits of neediness & contentmen...

Elitom El-amin And MaryÂm Petal Skype in from Mumbai, India to talk their pranic journey as Breatharians. Breatharians are those who eat very little or none at all. Buckle your sea...

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